Software Development

Software Lifecycles & Methodologies, Best Practice, Version Control

One of the major ideas in the software industry at the moment is the necessity for open-source software, and we commit as a company to open-source resources forever. This course will introduce the concept of open-source, and other commonly used licensing and copyright practises.

We will also discuss version-control and software development best-practises to enable your students to apply for a software engineer position with a sense of the important ideas in the field. Because of the nature of the content, this course is currently offered at A-Level/BTEC and above, although the ideas would be applicable to all software, application and website development techniques across the curriculum.

A-Level & BTEC

This course focuses on software development best-practise, enabling students to understand and appreciate the current state of the industry. We will equip students with current knowledge to help them in interviews and University application procedures. A focus will be on programming,and the course involves hands-on software development, with guidance about best-practise being offered by the tutor.