SMILE Pi & Mash

The Pi and Mash event was the follow up to the SMILE Technology Workshops and featured Year 5 and 6 children from 4 local primary schools - St. Mary & St. Patrick, Litchard, Croesty and Brynmenyn. There were robots, Raspberry Pis, Makey Makey kits and LEGO and everyone had a great time experimenting with emerging technologies and creating interesting gadgets. The schools had been given a competition to design a robot chassis and there were some excellent designs submitted, including a flying iron, a unicorn, a flipper and a high-heeled shoe!

The Raspberry Pi session featured physical computing with simple motor control using gpiozero and resources from Picademy, robot rally cars using the CamJam Edukits and SonicPi. We finished off with a race around the track which was won by Litchard!

Scott Morgan | Mar 2018