Physical Computing

Raspberry Pi, Micro:bit, Arduino, Lego

This course will enable you and your students to get hands-on with computing.

Using affordable emerging technologies such as the Raspberry Pi, BBC Micro:bit, Lego EV3 and Arduino, we offer training and curriculum support for all aspects of physical computing across all key stages.


Introducing pupils to computational thinking via Lego EV3 robots, the KS2 version of this course will enable you to combine play and experimentation with coding to enhance their digital literacy skills.


The KS3 version of this course focuses on programming hardware interfaces using Scratch and Python. We will provide resources and information on how to keep students engaged and create a fun learning environment.


Developing programming skills in Python further, this course complements the GCSE Science curriculum and introduces project based experiments which can be conducted with emerging control technologies. We offer advice and support on how to address the digital competency framework in a coherent way across STEM subjects.

A-Level & BTEC

For an A-Level or BTEC student, we focus on creating and developing projects with staff guidance. We will support you to support the students, and let their creativity flourish as they play and experiment with emerging control technologies.