Mobile App Development

Developing mobile applications for business

This course investigates the characteristics and uses of mobile apps, enabling you to learn how mobile apps are developed. We will assist you to design, develop, test and review your own mobile app.

Since mobile application development is a tricky business, the emphasis in this unit is on you integrating predefined programs/code snippets with ready-made and original assets by using some original code. This course is available for KS3 and above.


This course will introduce the concepts of mobile app development in a straightforward way. We offer support and guidance on simple and widely-used app design frameworks such as MIT App Inventor to enable your students to design a simple mobile app.


The KS4 version of this course will discuss more advanced computing protocols while building on design and development principles learned at KS3. We use MIT App Inventor to facilitate play and experimentation while you and your students explore their own learning. A focus at this stage is on client requirements and building an app for a business.

A-Level & BTEC

For an A-Level or BTEC student, we focus on creating and developing projects with staff guidance. We will support you to support the students, and let their creativity flourish as they play and experiment with mobile app design and development frameworks. A strong focus at this level is placed on the creation of a mobile application for a business purpose, and client requirements are discussed in detail.