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Our courses are flexible and tailored to your needs, but for guidance we have provided some example ideas below. The availability of each course in terms of appropriate level is listed inside the course description.

Physical Computing

This course will enable you and your students to get hands-on with computing.

Using affordable emerging technologies such as the Raspberry Pi, BBC Micro:bit, Lego EV3 and Arduino, we offer training and curriculum support for all aspects of physical computing across all key stages.

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This course will enable you and your students to get an insight into a programming language.

We offer courses in Python, Scratch, Matlab and Fortran and will work with you to tailor the course to your needs. Whether you are looking for an introduction to coding for a KS2 class or an advanced Python development course for A-Level or higher, we are able to meet your needs.

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Web Development

This course introduces several aspects of web design and development, including the underpinning services required to host, manage and access a secure website and the methods used by developers to manage back-end (server-side) and front-end (client-side) website components. This course is available for KS3 and above.

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Mobile App Development

This course investigates the characteristics and uses of mobile apps, enabling you to learn how mobile apps are developed. We will assist you to design, develop, test and review your own mobile app.

Since mobile application development is a tricky business, the emphasis in this unit is on you integrating predefined programs/code snippets with ready-made and original assets by using some original code. This course is available for KS3 and above.

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Maths & Computing

Mathematics and computing are inexorably linked through the application of logic and number theory. This course introduces the mathematical principles and theory that underpin the computing curriculum. We appreciate that students traditionally find mathematics less interesting than the rest of computing, so this course will enable you to see the wider applications of mathematics and their fundamental applicability to computing. This course is available for A-Level/BTEC and above.

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Software Development

One of the major ideas in the software industry at the moment is the necessity for open-source software, and we commit as a company to open-source resources forever. This course will introduce the concept of open-source, and other commonly used licensing and copyright practises.

We will also discuss version-control and software development best-practises to enable your students to apply for a software engineer position with a sense of the important ideas in the field. Because of the nature of the content, this course is currently offered at A-Level/BTEC and above, although the ideas would be applicable to all software, application and website development techniques across the curriculum.

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Cyber Security (Beta)

Currently in beta, this course explores some basic ideas about cyber security, including the mathematics of RSA encryption and some common hacking techniques. We will advise you on the practicalities of carrying out hacking in a controlled environment at your institution, and use a vulnerable Raspberry Pi to enable you and your students to have-a-go at cracking weak passwords and encryption keys. This course is available for A-Level/BTEC and above.

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We are open to other ideas you may have and are happy to discuss a bespoke course at your institution. Please contact us to discuss further.

Student Workshops

As part of any course you book with us, we offer a free workshop to your students. All of the above courses are available in a workshop version which we will deliver directly to your class.

Alternatively, we offer a standalone package if you would just like a workshop or demonstration without a course. If you are interested, please get in touch!